> *Journal Your Christmas* 2008

a TitlePage
b Day 1: Manifesto
c Day 2: Winter Weather
d Day 3: Christmas Cards
e Day 4: The Perfect Christmas
f Day 5: Christmas Countdown
g Day 6: Christmas Memories
g Day 9: Traditions
h Day 07: Shopping
i Day 8: The Sights
k Day 10: Wrapping Plans
l Day 11: The Tree
m Day 12: Changes
n1 Day 13: Music
n2 Day 13: Music
o Day 14: Presents
p Day 15: Visitors
q Day 16: Thankful For
r Day 17: I Saw This and Thought Of You
s Day 18:Favorite Foods
t Day 19: Dear Santa
u Day 20:Surprise Gift
v Day 21: Reality of the Day
w Day 22: Left To Do
x Day 23: Stockings
y Day 24: Christmas Eve
z Day 25: Christmas Day
za Day 26: The Day After
zb Day 27: Sleeping In
zc Day 28: Holiday Weakness
zd Day 30: Year in Review
ze Day 31: New Year's Eve Style
zg Day 32: Resolutions
zh Day 33: The Season
zi Day 34: Favorite Moments
zj Day 35: Reminder for Next Year
zk Day 36: Putting It Away
zl Day 38: The End
zm Completed Album!
zn Completed Album